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Access Wealth Corporation is a Canadian Merchant Bank focussed on relationships. We act as a trusted independent advisor, partner or principal. We are committed to providing clients with effective, strategic and actionable opportunities.  Our core competency lies in advisory services for IPO, RTO, and CPC Going-Public Transactions. We provide turnkey solutions to enhance shareholder value that include investor relations, market making, and capital investment.

the team


strategic advisor

Mike Curtis is the Founder and President of a Canadian Angel Consulting Corporation which was formed in 2000 to principally invest in and incubate worldwide startups and small cap, private, entrepreneurial companies.  In 2018, he has decided to wind down that business to focus his effort toward the success of Access Wealth Corporation.  He has developed a strong network of affluent individuals with various areas of expertise, who inject capital in startups in exchange for ownership equity or convertible debt.


In his Angel Consulting role he invested in and incubated a CPC Advisory Firm, gaining considerable experience in the CPC “Going Public” process.  He previously founded, ran and sold an Investor Relations Company.  He also provided seed capital and Advisory Services to a Broker Channel Focussed Mortgage Lending Company that grew into the third largest one in Canada, amongst the big 5 Canadian Banks.  In addition, he has significant public market experience as he was a Stock Broker for 5 years, focussed on early stage junior markets, after graduating from the University of Western Ontario with a Degree in Financial and Economic Studies.      

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Our Specialists

Denise Curtis is the President and Director of Access Wealth Corporation. She is a retired dentist who practiced for ten years. She has been an active Angel and early stage investor for the past twenty years.

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Our collective team is comprised of Principals, Partners, Associates, Consultants, and Industry Experts, carefully chosen to bring together the necessary skills and experience to create a collaborative, solutions-based approach to meet our clients' needs. We continue to add value utilizing our relationships with our strategic partners to ensure a well-rounded advisory network for the clients we choose to engage and work with.


We have an elaborate network of advisors, cultivated over years of Angel Consulting, that advise us in our Merchant Banking activities. They are an eclectic mix of experienced advisors that are also actively looking for suitable opportunities to add value to, and possibly invest in, at various stages of a company's growth. 


By nature, Angels value their privacy, so we act as an intermediary and facilitator when we see a possible strategic match. 

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